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Health Is Wealth

Health is the greatest wealth we will ever have. Without our health, our vitality, our best energy, every part of our lives has the opportunity to suffer. Even when we don't know it.

In today's world, we have health all turned around, flipped inside out and all messed up. We live in a society that values high quantity and low quality foods, over-indulgences, not enough movement and a quick medical fix whenever something goes wrong. We're ok suffering so long as it means we don't have to change our lifestyle. We are even willing to consciously sacrifice the health of those we love and the Earth for our own indulgences.

Health goes beyond weight. It goes beyond blood pressure. It goes beyond the numbers that traditional doctors assess. Health is about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. They are all connected. They are all important. They are all influenced by what we allow into our lives and by what we put out into the world. And it is not just physical goods that we consume or produce. It is also the energy that we cannot see. It is the aura that exists within us and exudes out from us. We are the ones who create that aura. We are the ones who manage that energy. We are the ones who are responsible for ensuring that not only are our bodies well-nourished but also that our minds and spirits are also nurtured.

We spend so much time worried about our careers and money. About stuff and things. About where we live on the societal totem pole. In the process, we forget about our own health and well being. We de-prioritize wellness in exchange for a few extra hours in meetings or answering emails. We forget about this one body that has been entrusted to us for this one journey. We forget about our mind and that it is seeking solace and patience to keep up with an ever-evolving world. We forget to connect with and care for our souls, those energies that define us not as humans but as everlasting beings.

And yet, few of us want to actively make choices that hurt our long-term health. We are most often operating off of what has been engrained in us throughout our lives and what we hear from the world around us. We're bombarded and swayed by advertisements shared with us from "respectable" companies, organizations and the government. It is incredibly difficult to break the mold that society has built for us. Through the marketing and initiatives that profit-hungry companies and governments have created, we are often unable to filter out the best choices for our health through all the noise.

I have this innate naivety that people behind those organizations cannot possibly be intentionally pushing these messages on society. If they truly knew and understood the consequences of their choices, I believe that most of them would try to change their offerings. But the problem is that the issue has gotten so bad and so big that it's going to take a massive crumbling for our society to pivot in a new direction and for our companies to start making responsible decisions that are health-focused instead of money-hungry.

And so, we must be responsible for our own health. We must be solely accountable to our own bodies. We must take the time to research and understand what we are ingesting into our systems and what we are putting out into the world in return. It's a process. It's not a simple change. It's about learning and understanding. It's about investing time and energy. It's about leaning into our health, our well being, and truly trying to make sense of the impacts that we as individuals have on this Earth.

We must ask ourselves - is my job more important than my overall wellbeing? Is that early-morning meeting worth me not getting in my workout for the day? Does the money in the bank mean more to me than my long-term health? Am I willing to give up my healthy years for people, places and societal expectations that may not have any concern for my life?

Health is an investment. It's a long-game. We can't rely on short-term fad diets, the number on the scale, one good night's sleep, a one-week vacation or a day off from work to create a longer, healthier life. And we surely can't rely on society to tell us what's best for us. We have to do the work for ourselves. We have to learn what is best for us, as individuals. We have to consciously create small changes every day that align with our best, healthiest self. It starts with one small investment, every day. As the days go by, the health bank grows. We gain time. Not just the quantity of time...but the quality.

For we as humans survive for time, not money. We ensue for happiness, for possibility, for the FEELING of living. We may want for things and money, but we yearn for time, love and connection. And if we push ourselves into a place that we treat these bodies and this one-time journey irresponsibly, we will surely lose the chance to live fully.

So we invest every day. We choose health over a busy schedule. We choose a run over an unnecessary meeting. We choose nutritious food over the more convenient option. We choose a conscious product over a mindless, profit-hungry company. And more than anything, we choose time. Not just more time, but quality, healthful time.

The greatest “wealth is health.” I believe that but I cannot take credit for the quote. It is attributed to Virgil, an ancient Roman poet. So we’re not talking about a new discovery here; more like a tried and true fact. Recognizing the direct correlation between health and wealth should not be overlooked, and I’m not suggesting money isn’t important, as we all need money to live, but I’m afraid that we take our health for granted at times which can impact our wealth and our ability to live a rich life.

Benefits of being healthy

Healthy people save money on medical costs. Sick people spend their hard earned cash on medical bills rather than on things they enjoy.

When we are in good health, we can work more productively. Studies have shown that people in good health are able to earn more money and work more productively.

When you have a high level of wellbeing, you will also tend to have a confident and go-getting attitude which will enable you to succeed in all of your aspirations.

Any good business person will tell you that if you pay nothing and get plenty in return, you have made a great deal. Exercise like jogging, yoga in your front room or dancing is totally free and yet it significantly enhances your physical and mental health and thus your material wealth.

Making money takes energy, so healthy energy levels are often necessary. If you cultivate good healthy habits, you can keep earning money later in life.

Foods rich in zinc, omega fatty acids and other vital nutrients keep your brain working to its highest potential.

You may spend money on sneakers, smoothies and so on. But, this is an investment that will pay dividends.

Taking good care of your health could be challenging, but it is important. It may be difficult to make it a priority, especially when you have a busy schedule, but start by adopting small changes every day.

Change your lifestyle, take a holistic approach towards health, and lead a cheerful life.


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