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About Us


Tempo was born when I (May Gem) decided that the investment banking sector wasn’t for me as I wasn’t getting much fulfilment from staring at not just one but two computer screens. I knew there was more to life than being cooped up in an office where i’d be destined to spend a massive chunk of my waking hours. The thought of this being my life for the next 40 years or so scared me and I knew I had to do something about it. 

I spoke to my family and my brother Liam was also interested in supporting me start a business. I began with the idea of frozen yogurt and quickly realised that being in Scotland this wouldn’t be the best product - TOO COLD here! I was in London and spotted someone carrying this drink that I could only get when in Malaysia visiting my family which I later discovered was called Bubble Tea. This became the starting point for Tempo, we were going to launch the first Bubble Tea store in Scotland. Since 2013, we have grown our product range so much that I wouldn’t define ourselves as simply a Bubble Tea store but more a diverse drinks bar that whatever your Tempo is, we will help you find the perfect drink. 






When I was younger I wanted to be an actress!  ​ 

Favourite drink: 
Passionfruit and Peach Fruit tea with added Guarana and topped with Lychee popping boba and Aloe Vera jelly  - Perfect refreshing tea for me as I'm always on the go!



My real name is Wee Liam

Favourite drink:
Fight Fruit with added probiotics, to keep my guts healthy and get me ready for the gym with its added Caffeine from Guarana 



My sister, Jessica, made up my name by changing the s's in her name to r's

Favourite drink:
Sugar Free Caramel and Vanilla Milk Tea with added protein and Tapioca and Aloe Vera jelly - my muscles are constantly sore from working out so helps me recover (and also because it's SUPER DELICIOUS)



I've seen Jedward live, no shame.

Favourite drink:
Taro with a scoosh of  condensed milk to make it extra thick and sweet- this is my treat drink. Otherwise, a cheeky wee honey lemon gets me through a long day!



I like drawing and true crime podcasts!

Favourite drink:
Apple Cider with Mango and Multivitamins; tangy and sweet and keeps me alert!



I'm a huge K-Pop fan, and I've seen G-Dragon, Ravi from Vixx, Monsta X, Jay Park and BTS live!

Favourite drink:
Hemp Soda with Lychee Boba! The combination of the Passionfruit black tea and the Lychee boba tastes amazing, and the added CBD helps with my anxiety and muscle pain!