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16 Surprising Benefits Of Filtered Water

Life on Earth began in water and evolved from it. You have personal experience with this dependence each time you seek water fluids to quench your thirst and replenish your body's water content. The cells inside your body are surrounded by a fluid that is mostly water and your cells themselves range from 70% to 80% in water content. Water is the biological medium here on Earth and the supporter of all life forms.

Water circulates through our body without rest and causes the macromolecules (proteins, enzymes, and genes) and cells in the body to function properly. When information is passed from tissues to tissue, it is water that delivers this information. Water performs not one but many particular tasks, all life supporting or life saving. In a living body, if the circulation of water slows down too much, life ceases. Equally important to both lower and higher organisms, water is the vital generator of life and its supporting force.

Every day you make an assumption about the safety of the water you drink. Whether that trust is well-placed, is the real question.

Our natural water resources are under a great deal of stress, as we battle with an ever changing climate, pollution and the needs of a rapidly growing population. Demand for quality drinking water has never been greater!

Our government has a duty to provide us with water that is safe to drink, however the water quality at the point of consumption may not always be complimentary for our short or long-term health. Contaminants including heavy metals, chemicals such as chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, organic & in-organic compounds all can be present in our drinking water.

Given the importance of water to our wellbeing & every bodily function, we owe it to ourselves to ensure that the water we drink is as pure & fresh as possible!

We don't all have a natural spring water source in our back yard & purchasing pre-bottled water can be both inconvenient and is prohibitively expensive, both financially and environmentally.

Filtered water, unlike purified water, comes clean and ready to drink straight from the source. Whether you use a tap filter or a filtered water pitcher, it is still better than purified water. Purified water must be treated after being retrieved from the source. You may wonder why one would be better than the other or why plain old tap water isn’t just fine. There are plenty of filtered water benefits to consider when you are debating whether to make the switch.

16 Surprising Benefits Of Filtered Water

1. Filtering Tap Water Is Cost Effective
Using water filters to filter tap water is much cheaper than buying bottled water, which is also not eco-friendly, due to the bottles’ plastic production. Funnily enough, most bottled water actually comes from tap water, so you are really just paying for the plastic. Through purchasing a professional water filter, you will be saving yourself lots of money and you will be drinking higher quality water that has been filtered accordingly.

Drinking bottled water has become popular culture in the recent decade. The explosion of the fitness industry has coincided and aided the growth of people consuming a lot more bottled water. While this is positive from a public health perspective because people are increasingly opting for water over fizzy soft drinks, it is still needlessly expensive.

2. Water Impurities Are Removed By Filtration
Water filtration removes water impurities and dangerous contaminants such as chlorine, disinfection byproducts and heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and arsenic. At the same time, water filters cleverly ensure that important minerals such as magnesium, fluoride, calcium, and zinc are retained. They protect you from toxins and ensure that you consume healthy minerals. Water filters also prevent limescale.

Chlorine is the most common cleansing chemical used to treat water supplies in the UK. While chlorine is vital to remove dangerous bacteria and diseases from the water, the tiny proportion that remains can contribute to that tap water odour we’ve already discussed.

3. Filtered Water Tastes And Smells Better
Do you ever turn on the kitchen tap in a bid to rehydrate yourself only to baulk at the odour emanating from the water? Tap water is treated with a range of chemicals and is exposed to heavy metals which give it that unpalatable smell and taste that make it almost unbearable.

The potency of this odour can vary depending on the water quality in your area but one of the best benefits of filtered water is that you can make this odour thing of the past and give yourself clean drinking water

Filtering water also helps it to taste and smell better due to the impurities being removed. A more refreshing and enhanced flavour is derived, resulting in a higher sense of satisfaction after drinking filtered water. Tap water tends to taste and smell like chlorine, whereas distilled water has most of the minerals removed and so it will taste very bland. Filtered water removes contaminants, but leaves in the minerals that make water taste good.

4. Water Filtration Boosts Your Health
Water filtration systems are good for your health. The benefits are ten-fold, with skin hydration, nutrient absorption, weight loss, detoxification, digestion and a reduction in the risk of cancer. Drinking pure water helps to support the immune system and mental health function.

5. Water Filters Are Low Maintenance
Water filters are convenient and easy to use. Water filtration products are durable, portable, easy to change for quick filtration and are low maintenance.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of benefits for water filters. Tap water filtration comes with convenience, health, environmental, financial and flavour benefits, so why not purchase a water filter from European Watercare for your business? We have a water filtration options to suit a wide range of business sectors. If you have a water filtration system installed at your business, share with us the benefits you have experienced, our readers love to learn from real experiences.

6. Remove Heavy Metals
Another common contaminant in tap water supplies is heavy metals. Quantities of mercury, lead, arsenic and dioxins, to name but a few, have all been found present in water supplies across the UK. Despite the fact that these are only found in small concentrations, the true extent of the implications of consuming them through water remain unclear. Lead, for example, is known to be extremely harmful and has been linked to a range of health problems in humans. A 2011 Clinical Biochemistry study found a link between postnatal lead toxicity and the development of autism. Other studies have also linked lead exposure to prostate problems in men and reproductive issues for both men and women.

7. Enhance Hydration
The key improvements a water filter can make to your drinking water quality are not limited to simply removing contaminants. Depending on the quality of the filter, your water can be enhanced to the point where you actually receive a much higher level of hydration than you would from standard tap water.

A 2010 study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that drinking mineral-based alkaline water improved the hydration levels of a group who consumed it over a 2-week period better than a control group who were given non-mineralised ‘placebo’ water. Alkaline filters can enhance the mineral content of your tap water along with improving its pH level meaning a far superior level of hydration than basic tap water.

8. Improved Digestion
Water with an enhanced mineral content can also aid in improving your digestion. As stated above proper hydration you can gain from a water filter makes it easier for your body to transport minerals and nutrients throughout your body. Gaining this optimal level of nutrients not only makes you feel better but also helps digest soluble fibre making the whole digestion process much simpler.

9. Reduce Acid Reflux
While this improvement may not be possible with all standard water filters, alkaline water filters have been found to reduce the condition known as acid reflux or heartburn. As alkaline water alters the pH level of drinking water, it can help to neutralise the acidic build-up that causes that uncomfortable burning sensation in your esophagus.

An interesting study by Kaufman & Johnston (2012) documented the acid-buffering capacity of alkaline water and found that water with a pH level of 8.8 could inactivate human pepsin more effectively than conventional pH water, which varies depending on your area but tends to be stable around 6.0-7.0.

10. Improve Skin Health
One of the most underrated tips for maintaining healthy, clear skin is drinking plenty of water. Now, as we’ve already established the benefits of drinking filtered water mean it is much better for your body in a range of ways and this is the case in terms of skincare too. Water with an improved mineral content has a direct effect on hydrating your skin by flushing toxins out of your body more effectively. The absence of chlorine in your drinking water will also aid your pursuit of healthier skin because chlorine is known to deplete the natural oils of your hair and skin.

11. Aid Weight Loss
If you’re trying to lose weight and get in shape drinking more water is the most basic foundation. Drinking water alone can increase an adult’s resting energy expenditure by 24-30% just ten minutes after drinking. Drinking water is also reputed to be effective in reducing your appetite.

A range of studies have documented the effects of this, including one in the National Centre for Biotechnology Information which found that middle-aged adults who drank 500ml of water prior to each main meal for a period of 12 weeks, consumed 44% fewer calories than the ‘non-water group’.

12. Anti-Oxidant Properties
Wouldn’t it be great if you’re water filter not only removed unwanted contaminants but also gained anti-oxidant properties in the process? How can water be anti-oxidant I hear you ask. Well, it’s measured by the Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP).

ORP is the ability of one liquid substance to reduce the oxidation levels of another. ORP ranges between -2,000 to +2,000, the more powerful the anti-oxidant capacity then the lower level of ORP. A Phox filter lowers the ORP level of your water, giving it anti-oxidant properties.

13. Makes Better Coffee and Tea
Because filtering your water decreases heavy metals, limescale, and chlorine, you will have a better cup of coffee. Using filtered water to make your brews will not only create less limescale buildup in your coffee pot or tea kettle, but there will be fewer contaminants and acid altering the flavor of your favorite flavor of tea or coffee. Be sure to filter your water before putting it in your kettle and you are sure to have a tastier brew.

14. Helps Prevent Headaches
Dehydration can lead to a number of uncomfortable symptoms including irritability, constipation, brain fog, and headaches. Fortunately, drinking clean, filtered water curbs the symptoms of dehydration and can avoid or improve headaches. Because filtered water tastes better, it is easier to drink the proper amount every day to avoid dehydration and the debilitating symptoms that come with it.

15. Improves Healthy Teeth
An alkaline water filter reduces the acidity of your water which can greatly improve the health of your teeth. Acidic pH levels have the potential to cause deterioration and demineralization of teeth which can lead to serious problems over time. Reducing the acidity of your water with an alkaline filter will keep your teeth healthy and give them a cleaner feel.

16. Increases Energy
Your body needs plenty of water to function. For that reason, staying properly hydrated throughout the day is necessary to living an active life. Often when we think we need energy drinks, coffee, or some other form of caffeine, it turns out we just need better hydration. Drinking an adequate amount of filtered water can give you the energy you need without caffeine which is known to further dehydrate the body.


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