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I've lost my Bubble Tea Home Kit instruction booklet! 

Where can I find another copy?

Don't worry!  You can find our full instruction guide here.


What is bubble tea?

A tea-based drink that comes either as a refreshing flavoured fruit tea, or a creamy delicious milk tea.  These can be served ice cold or hot with ‘toppings’ called boba that sit at the bottom of the cup.  The toppings can range from bursting fruity juice balls or chewy caramelly boba. 


Is bubble tea vegan friendly?

All toppings and fruit teas are vegan friendly and we also have some vegan milk options available too. 

All our kits are also vegetarian, gluten free and halal.


What are the popping juice balls made from?

The thin outside layer is made from a seaweed extract, Agar Jelly, and is vegan and vegetarian friendly! These are a great alternative to tapioca or jellies and go best with the fruit teas.

What is tapioca?

This is the OG of boba, the first topping to be made for bubble tea! It usually goes best with the milk teas and especially Original Milk. Made from cassava root starch, brown sugar and caramel, they have a chewy gummy bear texture and are caramelly in flavour.. It’s described as a snack in a drink as it can be quite filling! They are also vegan friendly.

As Tapioca needs to be cooked fresh, it will start to harden throughout the day, so it is recommended to consume within the day.


I love your products! How do I become a Tempo ambassador?

You can view the perks and how to apply to join the tribe here!


Is bubble tea healthy? 

Generally bubble tea is high in sugars, but we are the first to offer full taste with reduced sugar & supplement all our drinks with vitamin C!  

We require Vitamin C for many body functions such as the formation of collagen, absorption of iron, keeping the immune system strong, healing wounds and maintaining bone structure.  It is an ascorbic acid which is necessary for growth, development and repair of all body tissues.

Each kit contains green or assam black tea which are considered a ‘superfood’ because they contain lots of natural antioxidants.  They have many health benefits such as both containing l-theanine which will slowly release the caffeine meaning you will never have a caffeine crash like you do with coffee.


What are the nutritional values of your teas?

You can view all the nutritional values here.


Where is bubble tea from?

It originated in Taiwan back in the 80s and has become a full-blown sensation not only in its country of origin, Taiwan, but abroad as well.

Bubble tea evolved over time as it grew more widespread throughout Taiwan: stall owners started introducing fruit boba, using fruit powders and syrups in lieu of actual fruit (which was too expensive and went bad quickly).

The topping choices expanded beyond tapioca balls to include elements like grass jelly, egg pudding, red beans and popping boba.

Even in classic boba, the milk in the milk tea was swapped out for non-dairy creamer, and as a result, the drink became known for its incredibly sweet, creamy taste!


Do you have a physical shop?

Yes, we do!  We're based on 83 Queen Street in Glasgow city centre.  You can view our opening hours and full menu here.


What does Original Milk flavour taste like?

The taste is like a sweet milky English tea. Also known as Pearl Milk Tea or just Milk Tea, this is the first original flavour of bubble tea which is best served with Tapioca Pearls.


What is taro?

An Asian root vegetable which is similar to sweet potato or yam. It is very popular in Asia but our powder we use tastes similar to malty biscuits and is purple in colour. 


What is lychee?

It is an exotic fruit which is quite sweet & floral and light in taste.


Can I have bubble tea if I'm pregnant?

In moderation, yes. Even though they all contain a small amount of caffeine, it is still okay to consume during pregnancy. We advise that our Melon syrup should not be consumed during this time however, as it contains a higher level of caffeine.


Can kids drink Bubble Tea?

Absolutely - The owners grew up drinking bubble tea also! Please be aware that the boba can be a choking hazard if not eaten properly, and we advise that children under 5 years old should not consume.



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