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At Tempo we love to take opportunities, and encourage this as a way to lead a fulfilling lifestyle. 
We've extended the chance to our staff to allow them to approach a Charity of their choice, create a Tea based on this, so that money from each sale can go towards their chosen charity. You can read the blurbs for each drink below our Menu.
This allows us to put our money where our hearts lie, and support the community in ways we might not usually consider! 

CJ's Fundraiser

CJ's chosen charity was Marie Curie, a charity known for funding research and studies into Cancer, as well as other terminal illnesses. 

This was inspired by a personal loss, which CJ trusts to share with the release of her Marie Curie Tea - You can read her own statement over on our Menu tab. 

CJ wanted to thank the charity for all their help and continue to support individuals and families with similar stories to hers. This meant wearing her heart on her sleeve, being brave enough to share her story and using this to better her cause. 


Tempo are so proud of how far CJ has come with her work with Marie Curie, we're lucky to be able to give her the resources needed, we want to be strong alongside our staff! CJ's fundraiser was beyond successful, with great atmosphere, and help of all out staff, families and friends we are able to keep the donations coming with every sale of her creation. 


Lina's Beach Clean

Lina's chosen charity was the #2minutebeachclean and the Marine Conservation Society, both charities that put their focus and money towards local beaches - and cleaning them. 

#2minutebeachclean is primarily based in England, which inspired Lina into bringing them up North, organising a beach clean in Cramond, Edinburgh. This involved working with the charities, the local community and the council to bring the tools and people together, using their know-how and dedication to pick waste and save it from ending up in our oceans!

"Donating money is great, and a good foundation for a charity like this... but giving our time and effort is priceless! I didn't expect how many people turned up - I thought it would just be me and my workmates, and arrived with 90 people waiting to start tidying!

It still makes me happy to see people wiling to help this way." - Lina


Are you a Charity wanting to work with us? We'd love to hear from you!

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