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Why Should My Well-Being Be a Priority?

Why Should My Well-Being Be a Priority?

This year has been a big wake up call for many employers, employees and businesses all around the globe. Working from home, social distancing and the closure of everyday businesses has forced many people into discovering new environments and adapting their behaviours to comply with government legislation and their safety. But there are two fundamental aspects of employment that need attention now more than ever. That is employees health and well-being.
What does well-being mean?
The dictionary says ‘well-being is a good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterised by health, happiness, and prosperity’. In basic terms, well-being is a collective term which focuses on the positivity of your physical, mental, emotional and social health. These factors focus on how you feel and how you are performing in life.
Think of it like this.
Take a car for example...
There are a few simple things that need to take place before you can get your vehicle on the road...
A license - Imagine your driving license is your well-being. Are you mentally prepared to get out on the road? Do you feel physically ready to take on a new challenge? Emotionally, what can you do to feel more confident and positive about becoming a driver?
Insurance and MOT - You need to check that your car is safe and prepared to be out in the world and cared for, no matter what happens. Same goes with your health! You need to make sure that you feel mentally and emotionally happy day-in-day-out. How do you deal with your emotions? Is there anything you can add to your day-to-day lifestyle that could benefit how you feel, so you can take on whatever the day throws at you? Yoga, meditation and working out are all great ways to improve your mental well-being and improve how you feel.
Petrol - Your car isn’t going anywhere without fuel! Your body needs ammunition to run. Take a look at your diet, is there anything that can be improved? We are all guilty of having a few treats every now again, (even more so whilst working home during the Coronavirus!), but it is all about balance. Identify areas that you could change - do you feel sluggish after certain foods? If you follow an alternative diet, are there any supplements of vitamins you can look into to help maintain healthy and proactive well-being.
Many businesses adopt a well-being plan for their employees which could include training up some of your colleagues to be mental health first aiders, having a specialised well-being coordinator on-site, bringing in guest speakers for activities and talks or offering online training materials and access to services if needed. At Tempo we want to create an environment not just for our staff but also for our customers to feel safe, happy and for their well-being to be their main priority. We follow five basic values:
  1. Responsibility - Whatever we do, we make sure it is to an excellent standard whether it is about our customer service, organising an event or creating a new product, we ensure we take every effort to make it the best it can be.
  2. Creativity - We want our staff to break the mould of just being a Boba tea store, we encourage them to think differently and to seek inspiration from their strengths and interests.
  3. Growth - We always want to improve both ourselves as a company, and our customers! We must mentor and find mentorship, we must delegate and empower our staff, and we are constantly looking to improve,
  4. Community - We work together to build a sense of community collaboration, co-creating discussion in our workplace or our customers, staff and our collaborators. We value everybody's contribution, and we respect everyone's ideas.
  5. Contribution - Being a small business we rely on our staff a lot, and we want to be able to ensure that their well-being is always the main priority. We offer our staff a free gym membership, materials to educate, links to meditation and to contribute to local charities - like our current Rainboba campaign to raise money for the NHS.
We want to make sure that everybody who steps through Tempo’s door is well-cared for and that our shop is an honest and safe space for everybody to come in.
Pop in and find your Tempo!

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