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Welcome to Tempo!

Hello there lovelies! Thank you for taking the time to read about us and what we do. To show our thanks we've got a wee discount for y'all at the end of the post! We are Tempo Tea Bar, a bubble tea bar based in Glasgow. There are lots of exciting things coming your way so stay tuned to find out more!

Firstly then, why are we called Tempo? We all absolutely love music and Glasgow has such a wonderful independent music scene that we decided to incorporate it into our business. There are all sorts of weird and wonderful genres out there in music, the same can be said for Bubble Tea! There are lots of fun flavours and combos, even a Cheese Bubble Tea . . . we shall explain all in one of our upcoming posts!

You may in fact be wondering what bubble tea actually is. Originally from Taiwan, the bubble tea era began in the 1980s and slowly worked its way over to the west. Bubble teas come in fruit or milk form, the fruit teas tasting like a yummy fruit juice and the milk teas like a milkshake. Both come with little flavoured juice balls called popping boba which burst when you chew them. Fun! We also sell traditional chewy tapioca. So yummy!!

From around 2000 onward you’d find many bubble tea bars in big cities like London and Manchester, but the further north you’d travel the more unknown this drink was… until we turned up of course! As a family run independent business, Tempo Tea Bar offers a personal touch in our excellent customer service and constant re-evaluating of our menu. We take pride in always providing what customers want, so if you have any feedback to give us we’d love to hear it and work on improving our menu and what we offer!

Meet the owners
May Gem aka Boba Queen!

I enjoy being in a family business because there’s no red tape when it comes to releasing new products for Tempo. We have the freedom to give our customers what they want relatively quickly and can be as creative as we want to be. I also enjoy working in the shop to meet and chat to my regulars customers as it’s nice to get to know the people who are supporting our business.
My favourite drink right now Coconut milk tea with a chai tea base and egg pudding. It’s super tasty! Like a dessert in a cup!

Fun fact - I grew up having two older brothers and really wanted a sister so instead got a dog and decided that she would be my furry sister and named her ‘May Lee’ so she’d have a similar name to me. My dad would sometimes call her my name. . . bit awkward when he would say ‘May Gem go outside and pee. . . ' haha!

Liam aka Head Tea Boy

The best thing about having a family business is that we can try and introduce the local Scottish population to drink, food and culture that reminds me of when I was on holiday visiting my parents home country of Malaysia.

My favourite drink currently is the Peachee (Peach and Lychee) with jasmine green tea and aloe vera jelly.  I am looking to introduce more loose tea leaves soon and provide a greater range of teas within Tempo, so after that my favourite tea may change.

Fun fact(s) - I enjoy going to the gym, reading books, listening to audiobooks, drawing and eating lots & lots of pizza (balanced out by going to the gym of course). I use to play badminton but these days I don’t have enough time.

What's to come 

In the following weeks we are going to share what products we have to offer, and how we can bring bubble tea to you. We will share some very handy recipes so that you can have fun in the comfort of your own home! Ooooft!

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