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Tony Basra x Tempo Collaboration

Hello everyone, 
What a strange time.. We're on lockdown, trying to learn to ration our time, our groceries and keep calm during it all. 

Smaller business will take a hit from this. It's sad, but true. Even with government funding a lot of smaller companies will go bust - so we're pushing to try work together to avoid this from happening. Independant brands and stores is what makes Glasgow, Glasgow! 

So we wanted to turn this into motivation to do the right thing, working alongside other business and partners to create products and deals that we can offer YOU, from the safety of your own home, which will still go to keep these companies running. It's a win/win.

Tony Basra is a Personal Trainer over at The Gym, and has worked alongside our staff - training and giving us advice. He's also a kitchen WIZARD! 

Who doesn't miss going out for a meal with friends, getting all these unique flavours from your favourite Italian spot, KBBQ or Indian restaurant? We know we do.. 

Tony Basra, with this in mind, has created these powerful little sachets that really take you to a simpler, happier time. These magical wee pastes are packed full of flavour, designed to be as easy as possible, and we can testify to it.

Tony Basra has created the following 4 flavours: 
‘The Italian’
‘The punjabi’
‘The Mexican’
‘The Korean

All you do is marinate your favourite meat, or meat supplement into the sauces - and cook like you normally would, but with this delicious unique flavour and serve with your favourite accompaniment. We have fallen in LOVE with these flavour pouches - and they're created to last, no needing to worry about what your next meal is, just choose a flavour and g-o. 

During this confusing and worrying time, Tempo and Tony Basra want to offer you ease, comfort and joy in your day. A quick, healthy meal on the table with none of the fuss of creating sauces from scratch. We'll be doing a bundle with them so you'll be getting a whole box of goodies. 

Watch Tony Basras space so you don't miss the release, and watch our socials for any future news.

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