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The Good (small) change.

How to create a more conscious lifestyle? 3 simple steps from Tempo to get you started.

The need for a “better change” has become a hot topic these past few months as we all experienced our daily lives disrupted due to the pandemic. Suddenly, warnings heard for a while from researchers, environmentalists and David Attenborough himself, about the consequences of climate change have taken a more serious outlook. This unusual situation, as bad as it might seem, has forced us to reevaluate our daily habits and maybe even look closer at our values. However, with all the negativity around climate issues and current COVID situation, it is natural that many might feel anxious and overwhelmed about the idea of a change.

The truth is that you start small. You do your research, you try to be creative and you plan ahead. The change does not have to be dramatic to make an impact but the key here is consistency and a will to try. Here are three steps you can take today to become more eco-conscious throughout your daily life:

1. Plan your main meals this week.

Might not sound so relevant but when you think about the environment, reducing food waste is one of the most simple and powerful ways we can play our part (in fact 4.5m tonnes of waste per UK household!) By wasting less food, we are helping to tackle the biggest challenges this century – feeding the world while protecting our planet and reducing carbon emissions.

Try to eat seasonally, devote some time and think of what you already have in your cupboards. A lonely can of chopped tomatoes, some chickpeas, a can of beans? How about some simple pasta or hearty curry or chilli night? The idea of planning what you will be eating through your day, (that includes when you’re out and about) will help you make your grocery trips more conscious as you know exactly what you need to buy. Not mentioning it might also help your wallet! ;)

2. Buy what you need and plan ahead when you need it.

Quite general advice but actually very important if you trying to move towards less waste lifestyle. The main problem of our times is that we often buy more than we actually need as we all get lured by the “amazing”, “money-saving” offers that are bombarding us whenever we leave the house or open our emails. Do not get me wrong, I love a good bargain but after several house moves I had to do some honest self-check when it comes to my belongings.

Have a look at what you already have in stock first before you get something new. That works especially well in terms of certain products such as clothes, makeup, accessories as we often forget what is sitting in the back of our wardrobes. Very often we end up panic buying things, especially before holidays or big events, simply because we haven’t really thought about it beforehand and starting to feel the pressure to have it sorted. Another good solution is to borrow things from our stylish friends or family members, just like everyone used to do back in the good old days.

3. Plan your travels ahead. Both the small and big ones.

Sustainable travelling is probably the most complex issue as we all know how bad cars and flying is for the environment. The key here is again preparation and planning. Knowing where you are going and researching alternative ways of transport such trains or buses can help reduce your carbon footprint and can sometimes be the actually cheaper option if booked ahead. Doing a bit of research about the place you are heading to and deciding on your main activities, can make it easier to pack more consciously and avoid unnecessary waste and spending. In terms of food, it is really good to know about the places that you might wanna eat beforehand. Always opt for smaller, local cafes and restaurants than bigger chains. You can research the places that have good waste management practices and, for example, accept reusable cups or bottles. Packing enough snacks and drinks will also help you avoid buying plastic packed goods on the go.

I think it is safe to say that we all want to look out for a better safer and hopefully more sustainable future. We also know that the only way to go is to start with oneself.

Keep it strong!


Tempo x

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