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Tempos' very own Melon Soda!

We've done it! 
Our own Melon Soda
We're so proud to finally share this with everyone who has supported us
At Tempo, we've always felt inspired to give you traditional Asian products; From Boba Tea to Mochi, pocky, beauty products and fashion!  
Our one hurdle? Making this healthy and beneficial to your day to day lives. 
We started by altering our Boba Tea recipe to contain less sugar than ever before, using a delicate combinations of sweeteners and even adding Vitamin C for an immunity boost. This took off amazingly! We want to continue to stand out, to push and give our customers organic and trustworthy products that are healthy AND tasty. 
Melon Soda is a timeless classic in Asia - think of it as the Irn Bru of the East! 
Attending conventions, we've seen how popular this is, and how hard it is to find; We've also noticed the love of fizzy drinks combined with flavours but people are unaware of the affects on the body. 
With this knowledge, we were determined to create a unique product that had the fruity, Honeydew Melon taste with all the health benefits you'd want from a pick me up. Stevia, Taurine and Vitamin B&C are combined to provide an energy boost that will last, meaning no caffeine or sugar crashes. 
We have two designs to choose from, created by our own in store staff. Are you more of a minimalist? Or are illustrations more of your style?