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Tempo's Tea Infuser Bottle


It's been a while since I've posted as I've been caught up with Tempo going through a rebrand and also working on launching our new product so this post is to give you a bit more insight on what it's all about.

I’m not sure if you’re aware that Tempo are striving to become more eco-friendly in 2018 by launching more reusable products. The first one which we are looking to launch and make more sustainable via Kickstarter is our Tea Infuser Bottle! I am super excited for this project as it will allow us to be kinder to the environment by reducing ours and our customers waste.

We chose a glass bottle not only because it looks more elegant and sleek than a plastic bottle but a few of the reasons are illustrated in the image below.


I know that with glass there’s a higher chance of breakage as it can get slippy if the surface is wet which is why we provide a sleeve to add as more protection and makes it more non slip.

I know that for myself I don’t keep myself as hydrated as I should and a way for me to keep on top of this is by having refreshing fruit infused tea so it’ll almost tempt/encourage me to drink more as it’s far more interesting to have than plain water. The great thing about this tea infuser bottle is that you can also make fruit infused tea OR water! The wee stainless steel basket to hold the loose leaf tea can be removed if you just want fruit infused water.

A thirst quenching recipe that I’m enjoying right now (pictured above) is jasmine green tea, lime and mint. I like to call it a mo-tea-to! Definitely a healthier more refreshing mojito. I’m currently just experimenting with different ingredients to put into my infuser, it’s great fun and it also helps me cut down on drinking sugary drinks. The way I see it is that because it’s super tasty I naturally want to drink more of it which in turn will boost my hydration which is a huge win for me as my life can be quite full on; whether i’m working in the shop, running errands, doing admin work I tend forget to make sure i’m staying on top of my hydration so it definitely helps if i’ve got something delicious to drink.

We really want to focus on reducing ours and our customers waste so this product will be our first step in doing so and we are also looking into reusable straws. To encourage our customers to support us on this project we will take money off their drink when they bring their bottle in-store to get refilled and in the long run the money they save will definitely add up to the price of the bottle.

Our goal is to educate more people on the benefits of tea and the importance on making sure you stay hydrated. Which is why I’m going to do posts on my favourite recipes using the infuser bottle with interesting ingredients such as chilli or rosemary! Who’d have thought infusing them would be so nice!

Thanks so much for reading this and I would really appreciate it if you could share our kickstarter campaign when it goes live or support us by purchasing a bottle to help this project come to life and be more sustainable.

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