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September Highlights


Hello and welcome to Tempo’s September newsletter! This month was eventful as usual. I was hardly there for it though as I was on holiday. Unfortunately, my boss will not allow me to write about my two-week holiday, weirdly. 😅 That will come in the form of a special four part email…wait, I can’t do that either?🤔 

Crystal Collection for Zero Waste Week

It's the return of the crystals! 💎 Those of you who have been customers at Tempo since last year will know about our crystal collection. This year we switched it up a bit with some new flavours. 😋

Citrine is a tropical blend of mango and pineapple fruit tea with strawberry boba. 🍍 Citrine helps to provide you with positive energy and inspiration. 

Cherry Quartz is a sweet strawberry fruit tea with blueberry boba. 🍓 Cherry Quartz helps to heal all emotional wounds by replacing negative feelings with positive ones. 

Amethyst is a cosmic mix of blue grape and peach tea with cherry boba. 🍑 Believed to enhance memory, and improve motivation, helping you to achieve more realistic goals in life. 

These drinks are only available for a limited time so make sure to grab one (or all three)! ⏰


Student Saver September/Happy Hour

It’s back to school month for most and we decided to treat our most loyal customers, students! 👩‍🎓 It was 10% OFF for the whole of September for anyone with a student card. This offer has ended btw. Sorry! If you missed it then don’t worry because we still have happy hour! Happy hour begins every Friday and Saturday from 7pm - 8pm. You can get 10% OFF any drinks so please do come along! 😊

You can also get 10% OFF your first online order and if you didn't know, we ship bubble tea cans straight to your door now! Check it out :)


ACME Comic Con

We might as well just live at comic cons! 🥸 We’re at them so much! This month it was ACME Comic Con. I was actually there this time so lots to say! First of all I was very impressed by the costumes. Didn’t know who anyone was but that’s all good! 😂 Secondly, we had so much fun! Thank you to our table neighbours. They were very nice people 💜

We created two new drinks for the occasion. ‘Mysteaque’ is a blue grape fruit tea with strawberry popping boba and ‘Elven Miruvor’ which is a mango fruit tea with peach popping boba. In the infamous battle of boba, ‘Mysteaque’ was victorious and the most popular. 🏆

Also a special shout-out to myself (Annie) and KJ for packing up over 20 boxes (maybe more) of stuff and carrying it across the centre to the van in just 1 hour and 15 mins! 💪 I was very impressed we managed it. 😛


New Staff - Eleanor & Marnie

If you have been in our store within the last two weeks then you will spot some new faces! We have recently hired some new lovely people to join the Tempo team. 🥳

Eleanor is already very chatty so don’t be afraid to chat with her! 💖 Marnie is a Tempo regular so she’ll give the best recommendations😋

Please say hello to Eleanor and Marnie! 👋

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