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October Highlights

Hello and welcome to Tempo October Newsletter! I hope you all had a spooky halloween. 👻
What did you dress up as? I dressed up as a boba barista. 😉

Tempo's 9th Birthday


Happy birthday TempoTempo turned 9 years old last month.🥳 The whole team celebrated with a trip to Mikaku. There were 16 of us so well done to Mikaku staff for dealing with all of us. If you have never been to Mikaku I would highly recommend the sweet & soy sesame chicken wings. 🍗 They are soooooo delicious. Don’t order tonkotsu around your asian friend though because they will call you basic (I’m still upset Joey). 🥲 Some new team members were introduced and weekday crew reunited with weekend crew. Overall a wonderful time with some lovely cake at the end! 🎂

If you were in on the weekend of the 8th-9th then you will have received one of our Tempo goodie bags. This included a reusable bottle, hi-chew, loose leaf tea, badges and a bubble tea in a can! 😋 Our customers just had to share our birthday post on Instagram to claim their bag. 🎁


Large Container Shipment


If you have been reading this newsletter since January then you’ll remember the infamous container shipment that took hours to unload. 📦 In the snow as well! This time it was less dramatic. 👀

Also this time I had an Apple watch so I was able to put it on workout mode which is very exciting. Yes it is exciting actually! 💪

Our youngest Oliwia was there for this one. Absolutely loving it! 💕 When I asked Oliwia how she was feeling 45 minutes in, she said ‘‘I want to cry’’. Tears of joy no doubt! 😭

In the container were classic bobas, cups, syrups and some new boba flavours! 🤩 Want to know what new flavours we got? Stay tuned! We are expecting to launch them in-store and online very soon... 👀




BOO! Haha got you! 👻

Halloween weekend was celebrated in full force at Tempo. We decorated the shop with loads of bats, pumpkins and other sinister decorations. 🦇 We dressed up mainly as vampire victims, graphic, bloody eyeliner people and a cat! 🐈‍⬛

This Halloween, we also hopped in to try the ghost trend on TikTok👻 Don't worry, we did this when the shop was closed. We didn't want our dear customers running off after seeing our extremely spooky Halloween outfit. 😇

We even launched a special drink for the whole of October. The Jack O’Lantern! 🎃 A spooky blend of citrus and tropical flavours, topped with Blueberry popping boba and layered with activated charcoal and sparkle. ✨


Christmas Pre-order Launch


We are just so excited for Christmas that we've decided to launch our Christmas collection early!!! 🎄 You can now get 15% OFF when you pre-order our Christmas bubble tea cans. 🤩 (Just £17, RRP £20.)
The flavours include:

  • Candy Cane 🍭 - A delicious strawberry fruit tea with hints of caramel and mint finished off with strawberry popping juice balls! Tastes just like Candy Cane! Don’t believe us? Try it and find out.
  • Frosty Grape ❄️ - A chilly mix of blue grape and elderflower fruit tea with lychee popping juice balls. It is a sweet and light mix with subtle notes of pear.
  • Berry Wonderland 🍓 - This blend brings you the best of berry fruits: the sweetness of strawberries is balanced with the gentle tanginess of cranberries .
  • Citrus Spice 🍊 - It really is just Orange and Spice and all things nice! Our all time favourite combo and will be sure to put you in the festive spirit with every sip.

You can also get 15% OFF on Christmas boba baubles and shimmering syrup when you pre-order! This offer is available for a limited time only so make sure and grab yours soon! ⏳

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