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November Highlights

Merry almost Christmas everyone! 🎄 Sadly we cannot talk about Christmas just yet because it’s all about November. 🙃 Anyone else think this year went a bit too quick? Can’t believe the next newsletter will be out in 2023! Am I the only one panicking? …Let’s move on from that! Onto our November highlights!

Early Black Friday Sale

If you are anything like me then you love any opportunity to treat yourself! 💖 Our bank accounts don’t thank us but they can shut up! 🤫 We had our own Black Friday deal last month, with 20% OFF almost all our products as well as a FREE gift if your order was over £35 (who doesn't love a freebie?!). 🎁

This year, a whooping total of 105 lovely customers used the Black Friday code! I hope you all took the opportunity to stock up on your favourite boba and home kits to last till next year. 😉

In-store Christmas Drinks

This month we finally launched our Christmas Drinks! For the whole of Nov/Dec you can enjoy:

🍫 Black Forest Gateaux - Tastes just like a delicious dessert and is served best with cherry popping boba for the ultimate Black Forest Gateaux experience!

🍭 Candy Cane - A delicious strawberry fruit tea with hints of caramel and mint finished off with apple popping juice balls and strawberry star jelly! Tastes just like Candy Cane! Don’t believe us? Try it and find out.

🍊 Citrus Spice - It really is just Orange and Spice and all things nice! Our all time favourite combo and will be sure to put you in the festive spirit with every sip.
🧂 Salted Caramel - The queen of winter specials, this tea is like a dessert in a cup! Thick caramelly, creamy goodness, topped with cracked sea salt!

Available in store now! So come and get them quick! My personal favourite would be the citrus spice as it is very tasty! Also if you don’t want a cold drink during the winter then you can get your tea hot so please take every opportunity to warm yourself up. 🔥 As a bad circulation kinda gal I will always have a hot milk tea in my cold hands. Is it really too much for the universe to send me a guy with boiling hot hands?! 🥺

Christmas Team Night Out

This month we had our staff Christmas night out. 🎄 We started in Sugo with some lovely pasta dishes and ended in Supercube, a karaoke room! Singing our hearts out! ❤️

I’ll start with the food. Delicious, I ate too much but I thought 4 bits of bread plus a huge plate of pasta would be fine…it was not. Joey and I were sat at the adult table? Despite the fact that we are both 10 years old, I mean look at us, clearly 10. 👼 I’d like to publicly say that I was offended by my bosses for this decision. 😤

Karaoke was great also. My boss Jerrica and lovely staff member Megan performed a rendition of a song I can’t remember. How was the performance you ask? It was…something. Definitely something. 😳

Liam's Birthday

It was Liam’s birthday this month! 🎉 Liam is boss number 3 at Tempo! I haven’t asked if it’s ok for me to reveal his age so let’s just say it was a big one! 🧓🏻 We had a lovely day in the office to celebrate. There was pizza (breaking my 2 year streak from having dominos) and cake (breaking my 2 day streak). 🎂 Happy Birthday Liam! 🥳

Christmas Gift Appeal

We have started a Christmas appeal this year which you can participate in! 🥰 We will be donating gifts/food items to Glasgow’s Golden Generation charity. We would love it if you could get involved and support us in reaching our target of 150 donations. 🎯 You can find one of our Christmas boxes in our Glasgow Queen Street store or in our Community Centre at Rutherglen (201 Glasgow Road) where you can drop off your goodies! Any donation helps and we would deeply appreciate it. 🙏

Once again thank you for reading till the very end! If you see this message, you're cool 😎 Have a wonderful Christmas and see you all in the New Year! 💖


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