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Miss your pals? We have the perfect thing for you. . .

It's no surprise that many of us are missing our family & friends during this time? Make sure to check in on everyone close to you to see how they're doing, especially if they're self isolating alone 🙁

CJ in our team has created an awesome friendship reflection book which you and your bestie would fill out about one another on your times together then read what you both said about each other! A nice memento to capture your friendship. There's only 3 days left to donate to this project & it'd be AMAZING if you could support her crowdfunder to help get this to print AND 20% of the profits will go to support NHS and Young Minds Charity for the great work they're doing during this time 🥰

We've created an e-book on the importance of friendship as it's something most of us take for granted! It's not the quantity of friends you have but the quality. Make sure they're doing ok and give them a call now and again to check in 🙂

If you are in need of some reading or interested in how friendships benefit our lives then click here to get the FREE E-book 🥳

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