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May Highlights

Hello Tempo Tribe!

This has truly been our craziest month yet, from BBC Radio interviews to going VIRAL... great things have happened this May at Tempo. We have you, our community, to thank for these incredible opportunities. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today, Tempo Tribe. Read along to find out what we’ve been up to this month.


Return of the OG 

You spoke and we listened! For a long time, our customers have been asking for our beloved Cookies n’ Cream to make its big return to our menu. We conducted a poll to bring back two nostalgic flavours from over ten years of Tempo at Queen St. Therefore, we are very pleased to see you all enjoying this OG flavour again alongside Bee Brew, our sweet honey milk tea. If you haven’t tried either of these Tempo classics yet, you’ve gotta make this your next order!


We went Viral?!

You may have seen a collaborative TikTok buzzing around as of late, which has racked up millions of views! This had a MASSIVE impact on our online and TikTok shop, and we received thousands of orders in a very short space of time. Our team have been working tirelessly to get them shipped out to all our supportive customers, even Mama and Papa Tan got involved! We thank you for your patience during our busiest month yet.


Radio Realness at the BBC

We had a very exciting trip to the BBC Scotland Studio this month, as we were invited to welcome the hosts of BCC Radio to the world of bubble tea for the very first time. It was amazing to experience our first ever live radio appearance!
We hope you were able to tune in live, but if not, our interview with Connie and Cynthia is available on BBC Sounds!




Favourite Bubble Tea:

Taro with tapioca or passionfruit with coconut jelly

Fun Fact About Me:

I speak 4 languages - English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hakka 


Favourite Bubble Tea:

Tiger stripe with tapioca 

Fun Fact About Me:

I like playing horror games, but always need somebody to be next to me ahaha


Favourite Bubble Tea:

Either Vitalitea or Pink Punch

Fun Fact About Me:

I used to draw manga style art







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