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May Highlights

Hot girl summer has officially begun my sweet little newsletter babies!☀️Finally we have escaped from the cave of winter and now see light! Summer is my personal favourite season. Can you tell? Picnics in the park, dresses everyday of the week, multiple of a certain orange coloured cocktail that I won’t name…ooh!🍹Outdoor seating!!!! And of course, so very much bubble tea! It’s the best time of the year! Alas though we must look back one last time to May! We celebrated International Tea Day, held our fundraiser, launched some new teas and many more! Let’s just get right into it…

Fundraising for our New Store

Did you know our store is closing?😔 Unfortunately, we are being forced to leave 83 Queen Street but we still want to keep making bubble tea so we need your help! We have set up a few ways:

We have created a crowdfunder which you can donate as little or as much as you can. Any donation is a step towards our goal! If you donate then you are entitled to certain benefits though! This could be a supply of bubble tea, a chance to be in a Tempo photoshoot or even a bubble tea party!🎉

We also had a few things going on in store. During the last two weeks of May, we held a fundraiser to raise funds! We had a bake sale, tombola and thrift shop!👩‍🍳 It was such a fun day and all the Tempo team came down to show support.💜

We still have tombola prizes still to be won so please have a go when you’re in store! You may have also noticed the thrift rail is still there too! All profits go towards finding us a new home so we can keep making bubble tea for years to come!🏠

Raising Awareness for SAMH

This year, Tempo Community hosted the charity event of the year! ‘Run with Pat’ is a 5k run or walk from our Tempo Community space to raise awareness and support the Scottish Association for Mental Health.

Pat has been working with one of our partners @thomasstarmorept for the past 3 years regaining his confidence, fitness and joy for life. His main goal was to be able to run again which lead to the first run with Pat even in January 2022💪 

It was amazing to have all our Tempo partners together for such an incredible day!

20ft Container From Taiwan

Another month, another container shipment. This one was 20ft and filled with lots of boba! I was once again not there for this (insert evil laugh) but I can only assume our bravest and strongest were there for hours! Not stopping for even a second until that container was completely empty! Also what a lovely day to receive a 20ft container! The team were rewarded with a lovely picnic after with pizza and bubble tea. The meal of champions!🏆

New Spotlight Teas

We have new drinks in-store inspired by our very own Tempo team!🌟

We asked 3 of our team members to come up with their very own bubble teas. Created entirely by them and what they love! Proceeds from our Spotlight tea will go towards supporting Tempo Community CIC which supports local start ups and the local community.💖

The JoJo - A favourite of our lovely Joseph’s. If you are ever in our Glasgow store then you will see Joseph drinking this at least twice a day. A tangy mix of blue grape and peach fruit tea with sweet strawberry star jelly! Plus sparkly glitter of course!

Pannie - Named after our store manager Annie’s family nickname (picked from 5 others), this tea was inspired by all things retro and pink! Watermelon, peach fruit tea with a hint of strawberry added in to create a beautiful zesty mix. Add in some lychee and strawberry popping boba and you’ve got the perfect drink for summer!

Marns - The Marns is a nature inspired tea, created by our incredible Marnie! Marnie is a honeydew melon stan and even has her own supply hidden in our store. Thanks to Marnie, it’s back with added cherry and strawberry star jelly for an extra tangy twist!

The spotlight teas are only available till July 31st so make sure to try them all in store now!!


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