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March Highlights

Happy March Newsletter my friends!🎉 Writing this newsletter really does come with its challenges. From not enough pictures for content to constantly forgetting to even write it, despite doing this for over a year.🙃 Seriously, I forget every month that I have to write this. The March newsletter provides my greatest challenge yet though because I was on holiday for over half the month and subsequently missed LITERALLY everything! So the source for this newsletter will be our lovely Joey! Joey is incredible at half remembering things and vaguely retelling stories.😂 This is gonna be great for you guys! Let's go!

Team Meetings

The fulfilment meeting is one of the first events I missed this month. I’m assuming I would have even been invited. Who knows maybe I was never on the guest list!🤔 If you don’t already know, we have a fulfilment centre that we use to create stock and pack all your lovely online orders. Our fulfilment team gathered together and were treated to some lovely Filipino food from @mamadels.🇵🇭 The team were tasked to bring a secret ingredient for a new drink. This included lemonade, apple juice and even buckfast! Then they split up into teams and came up with a business plan for their new drink idea.

We also held a team meeting for our shop team! (Lots of meetings this month!) The team were treated to some pizza this time and we were able to discuss changes to the shop and any queries they may have. We also split into teams again and brainstormed campaigns we could hold for the shop. Our incredible team members had some amazing ideas which you should all keep an eye out for in the coming months.

Badminton Team Night

Team nights are a regular thing at Tempo and this month we enjoyed some friendly badminton! Hahaha just joking! It became intense very quickly.🏸 We began with a cute little ‘first to 11’ match, but then we were introduced to the actual rules of badminton. Did you know that it takes forever to win a point in badminton? It takes FOREVER to win a point! FOREVER! Plot twist though…I loved every second of it!😍 Badminton is an incredible form of exercise that gets you out of breath from both moving and laughing. We even did a mini photoshoot in between games.

ACME Comic Con

Acmecon takes place in March and you bet we were there for it! We created two new drinks inspired by the worlds of Marvel and anime! Mysteaque was a blue grape with strawberry popping boba flavoured tea and Calcifer was Strawberry with passionfruit popping boba.🔥You may be thinking, who came up with these character names? Well it was one of our lovely💞 customers! Thank you!

Acmecon is always an amazing event and so fun for us to attend. We love seeing all the fun costumes and trying to guess who everyone is.😊 I personally have only watched 2 anime so if any My hero academia or demon slayer costumes pass by our stall then rest assured I will vaguely have an idea who it is!

Women's Day Competition

Happy (belated) International Women's Day everyone!🌸 As a majority women-led business, this day means a lot to us. We held a competition for our social media followers to celebrate!😍 The lucky winner received an ultimate pamper box worth £170! We collaborated this year with other women-led businesses! Panadería De Ciudad, The Hi T Company and Sew Confident! We do giveaways just like this one all the time so make sure to follow us on all our social media so you won’t miss out!😋


This month we held a photoshoot with Heather Longwell (@fynefilms), which I was not around for, so this is Joey’s description. This was a photoshoot to take more high quality product images driven from a more artistic angle. All our hand models had to paint their nails to match the drink colour which is just professionalism at its highest!!

Also, very fun, some shots of our Party Pack which will be launching very soon!!!


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