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Just landed, Asian Beauty Boxes!

How nice would it be to just be able to walk into a store and have a custom set of Asian cosmetics picked out for you?
Imagine being saved from the fuss of working out what cream does what, the confusion of converting currencies from Korea, Japan and China, and combining them into one handy set of tools and treats that you could take home that very day.
Yeah, we've done that. 

Looking through countless products, we've limited to 9 beauty products that are sure to wow you! A cleansing cream along with a cute wee facial sponge that foams the cream into a fluffy bubble mask to wash off is our personal favourite, along with face masks to hydrate and moisturise the skin; the internet loved charcoal peel masks and even some makeup! 

Our Jelly Flower lipsticks are a huge craze over in Asia; known for reaction to the pH balance in your lips, these lipsticks are designed to suit your complexion. This is a must try in our books.  

These bulked out boxes are available in both our Glasgow and Edinburgh store for just £25, making it simple to pick up a taster of an Asian skin routine, a cool gift, or the perfect treat yourself!