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June Highlights

Hello my sweet little Tempo Tribe! Are we ready for another newsletter? No?! Well too bad because you cannot leave…😃 As per usual we’ve got lots to discuss so let’s just jump right into it! ☀️

Bubble Tea Cans Photoshoot

During the month of June we shot some pictures for the launch of our new subscription box! Our tiny little Joey led the photoshoot (her very first time doing so!) and if you’ve seen the pictures I’m sure you’ll agree she did an incredible job.👏 Joey is known as quite the evil leader type. 😈 She doesn’t allow breaks, she enjoys holding a megaphone and screaming at people and I’m sure on a few occasions she’s hit me.📢 The results speak for themselves though because the pictures do look amazing!

Make sure to sign up for a Bubble Tea Can Subscription Box and save each month! Each box contains 8 large, delicious bubble tea cans, carefully made for your enjoyment. Packed with vibrant flavours and high-quality ingredients, our cans are bursting with deliciousness.💖

Whitelee Wind Farm Event/Glasgow Comicon

Tempo was at a couple of events this monthSSE were holding a special event for their member’s families at Whitelee wind farm and bubble tea was of course first on the priority list (for kids anyways!)😍 This event was extra exciting because it meant the Tempo van finally got to be put to use! Super windy though! Apparently the van was shaking so that meant lots of pre-shaken Rainbobas!🌈

We also attended Glasgow Comic con in June! We love hanging out with all geeks and nerds so come and hang out with us if you ever see a Tempo stall! If there’s a comic con in Scotland then you can guarantee that we’ll be at it!💜

Suppliers Visiting From Taiwan

This month we hosted two amazing visitors! Our suppliers from Taiwan came to check out our fulfilment centre and shop! 🇹🇼 As well as taking them through our fulfilment space, we also took them to Ardnamurchan for some traditional Scottish food and drinks which I'm sure they both enjoyed. Hope to see them again soon!👋

Our Boss Went on Holiday

This month our fearless leader went on holiday to the South of France🇫🇷 With Mama Tan!

May Gem and her mother began their journey by walking the red carpet at the Cannes film festival.📽️ No films were playing but they insisted on rolling out the red carpet especially for Mama Tan. They then went to ‘Table 22 par Noel Mantel’, the most expensive Michellin star restaurant in all the land. Mama Tan of course concluded the meal was pretty ‘meh’ and the restaurant was shut down with immediate effect.😳 Mama Tan needed some relaxation after such an ordeal and so to the casino they went! 🎰

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