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July Highlights

Hey there, party peeps! Welcome back to another awesome month of Tempo newsletter! 🎉 This month's been a bit of a rollercoaster, with our Tiktok star Annie jetting off to Copenhagen for 3 months – talk about adventure! Now it's just me, Joey, holding down the fort, but don't worry, I've got some surprises up my sleeve, including a future visit to Annie! 😉
Anyways I’m getting a bit side tracked… So let's get straight into what’s been happening!!👇

Family Fun Day

This month we held our very first community event at the space, and guess what? It was a great success!🤩The weather played some games with us, but we managed to sneak a sports day for kids, adults and even a dance lesson for all our visitors before the rain crashed our party - we all had a blast!🕺Now, when the rain finally poured, yours truly (that's me, Joey!) took shelter in the bubble tea van, snacking on a pack of pocky like there's no tomorrow! 😎 The blueberry and yogurt pocky was surprisingly tasty, you should definitely try it out when you visit our store in Queen street!

Annie's Leaving Party

So, remember I mentioned the love of my life, Annie, is about to embark on this epic adventure to Copenhagen? Yep, that's happening! 🏴🇩🇰 But before she took off, we had to throw one epic farewell party and that was at a bar just round the corner from our shop called Wunderbar.✨Although we had emailed in advance to book a table for our massive team of 15 people, they didn’t tell us that we would be seated outside… Right beside the smoking area as well. Like, seriously?!🙄But hey, we're a fun bunch, so we rolled with it!

And guess what we did to make Annie's goodbye unforgettable? We got our heads together and pooled some cash to get her the ultimate leaving gift – the BTS Dynamite Lego set!🧨 Oh, man, you should've seen her face light up with joy! She was on cloud nine, I tell ya! Bet she was busy building that thing like a Lego master at 2 am after the party.😏

Summer Specials: In-store and Online

This month we’re bringing summer vibes to you with our epic summer specials! In-store, we have 2 different options for you:

☀️Sparkling Summer - A delicious mango and peach fruit tea combo, all bubbly and fizzy, with passionfruit boba and layered with hibiscus tea. It’s a treat for your eyes and taste buds! 

🐝Honey Bee Brew - A sweet honey oat milk tea accompanied by chewy and caramel-flavored tapioca pearls. It’s the perfect option for our lactose-intolerant friends who adore milk tea!

And for online, we launched our new apple syrup along with our summer special:

💥Poppin’ Paradise - A delightful apple and peach fruit tea with juicy passionfruit boba - I highly recommend this flavour - it’s my new favourite - so make sure to try it before it’s gone forever!

Jerrica and Liam Getting Married!

On the 26th of July, our fantastic bosses, Jerrica and Liam, got MARRIED! Woohoo! 🥳 Can we get a round of applause for the newlyweds? 👏 Now, this is not just any news – it's MASSIVE news for the entire Tempo team! So the fulfillment team sneaked out during work hours to surprise them at where they were signing the papers. 📝 

At first when we got there, I thought we were about to get caught – someone was sneakily taking a pic inside the building. 😬 But phew, it wasn't Jerrica playing detective on her big day! And then, the magical moment arrived – Jerrica and Liam walked out together, beaming with joy. 🤵👰 And you know what we did? We blasted our confetti cannons like party animals, celebrating their love in full force! 🎉🎉 The reaction? Priceless! Jerrica screamed with delight and couldn't hold back the tears after seeing all of us there. Our surprise was a massive success! 🥰

So, here's to our incredible bosses – Jerrica and Liam – we wish you both a lifetime of love, laughter, and happily ever after! 💕


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