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January Highlights

January Newsletter time!! Feels like it’s been forever since the last one! I have so much to say. It is my new year's resolution to not ramble though so let’s focus up and get right into it! Serious faces on everyone. Let's go!

Meeting our Suppliers

Jerrica and Liam, our dynamic duo, jetted off to Asia for an epic 5-week adventure! They made a pitstop in Taiwan, the land of bubble tea, where they sipped and savoured their way through new products with our suppliers. But this wasn't just a vacation, oh no - they were on a mission to bring you the best of the best. So hold onto your boba cups, because there might just be some exciting new products headed your way soon thanks to their top-secret discussions and future collaborations!🤫

Burns Night Competition

We are always so excited to celebrate Burns Night every year and this time was no exception. Did you all eat some haggis? I didn’t but only because I found none! Seriously, where was it?!🤔

We also held our annual Burns Night poem competition. We asked all of you to get creative and write a boba-inspired poem! The best poem wins a gift hamper overflowing with Tempo goodies worth £50. The entries were seriously top tier this year, which made it very difficult to choose our finalists. So we asked you all to help us choose! We’d like to thank you for voting and helping us out! Alas we must all make a decision. Our winner is…drumroll please… KIERA! 🏆Congrats on creating such an amazing poem.


Some very exciting store news now! We have restocked our POCKY!!! I’m sorry to all those that have gone without it for so long but you can finally be happy again. Plus, we have a few new flavours!😍 We’ve got your classics like chocolate, cookies n’ cream and strawberry. We all know them, we all love them but might I introduce you to a chocolate banana flavour. Or perhaps a blueberry yoghurt? Would you fancy a mango pocky? Well we have them all! Chocolate banana, blueberry yoghurt and mango pocky! Also they come in very cute packaging so I’d just get it for that.

Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year everyone! Happy year of the rabbit too! 🐰 Here at Tempo we love to celebrate the lunar new year with all our customers, even if they themselves don’t celebrate it. That’s why we gave away red envelopes to all our customers over the weekend. In each envelope is a little treat for our customers whether that is a free box of pocky, free fortune or even a bottle upgrade. The red envelope symbolises good luck, prosperity and happiness in the new year. Values we wish for all our customers in 2023!😊

Happy Birthday Patrycja

Happy Birthday to Patrycja! 🎉Yay! Patrycja is the newest member of our fulfilment team at our community space. Patrycja has now left her teenage years behind and joined the twenty something club. We have many members including the lovely Joey who is almost 30 (24) and myself who is forever 21 (25) and I don’t want to hear about how that isn’t true! Ok?! Congrats Patrycja!🥳



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