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February Highlights

Hello and welcome to another month at Tempo! Spring has finally sprung and we couldn’t be happier! Let’s get into the February recap

Valentines Love Potion

This year we launched our valentines special once again! A lovely mix of peach and strawberry fruit tea with cherry boba and strawberry star jelly. Plus some glitter of course!✨ Now I am no longer a Valentine’s Day hater, this is only because I am dating and got to actually take part this year but had I not been then I would of course have been hating everything about the day.😊

May Gem's Birthday

February is also a very special month here at Tempo because it is our founder's birthday!!! Wooooo! Happy birthday May Gem!🎉 I hope you got everything you wanted and ate lots of yummy food. Despite being the birthday girl, May Gem did bring birthday cake for everyone to eat which I think tells a lot about herself.🎂

Annie only wrote half of Feb’s newsletter before leaving us for warmer weather in LA. . . not jealous at all when the weather forecast is snow this week🤔 It’s May Gem by the way and I'll be taking over the second half of this newsletter. Thanks Annie for the lovely recap of my Birthday - yes I turned 21 . . .forever 21!💕

2 New Home Kits

You read right, we have added not 1 but 2 new fruit tea kit combos onto our website. They are Peach & Mango fruit tea paired with Green Apple and Passionfruit popping juice balls and Strawberry & Grape fruit tea paired with Green Apple and Mango popping juice balls. Don’t ask me which one is better cause I love them all so you’ll just have to try it for yourself 😋

New Shop Stock Alert

If you haven’t been to the store lately then you may want to because we got some super cool things all the way from Asia. No, my brother Liam did not buy an extra suitcase from Asia JUST to fill it up with goodies for the shop . . . . 🤣they brought back some amazing socks that have yakult & white rabbit on them IYKYK, tasty snacks of course and some kpop merch! There’s only a limited amount so be quick or you’ll need to wait until next year for our next haul from Asia!

It’s been an enjoyable half takeover for writing the newsletter and next month will resume back to normal with the Annie updates. I’ll need to remind her that the update will have to be on Tempo and not her holiday, maybe I’ll let her sneak in a brief update of her hol cause I’m nice like that 😉


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