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February Highlights

Chinese New Year

February was full of celebrations! Kicking it off was Chinese New Year - Year of the Tiger! 🐯 We celebrated with a load of red envelopes which we handed out to all of you guys! 🧧 The prizes inside ranged from a free fortune cookie to a free drink! Here's a lucky customer who got a surprise free drink, you deserve it! 🥳

Can Bubble Tea Launch

Bubble Tea Cans landed at Tempo! 🚀 We now have exclusive Tempo cans! Don’t they look great!? The flavours include, two of our well-known specials along with two new milk tea flavours:

  • Matcha Blossom 🌸 Imperial Pure Matcha with a hint of Vanilla & Cherry Popping Boba
  • Rainboba 🌈 Watermelon and Peach Fruit Tea with Apple and Mango Popping Boba
  • Cosmic Caramel 🦋 Caramel & Brown Sugar Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Crystal Boba, layered with Butterfly Tea
  • Galaxy 🌌 Strawberry & Orange Fruit Tea with Apple and Strawberry Popping Boba + Glitter

We’ll only be selling a limited number of cans everyday in store so don't miss out! 🏃‍♂️ They’ve already been a hit on our TikTok! You should definitely follow us on TikTok btw… Our marketing assistant Annie be sure to keep you entertained 😉

Valentines Day

Love was definitely in the air this month 💕 (based on how many couples this single staff member had the privilege of serving). What a treat it was to see sooooo many couples! So much love! Just so many couples. Was great…just great. 😌 Anyway! We are so happy you all chose to spend some of your time at Tempo! Who knew it was such a popular place for a date?! 🥰

We have also welcomed two new employees to Tempo! Oliwia and Kara! 🥳 You may have seen them during their first shifts frantically running around on Valentines day or at the weekend! 🏃‍♀️ Whoever organises the rota should really have thought about that before putting them in…🙃 (cough it was Annie cough oops)

Get To Know Your Customer Campaign

This month we were so sick of talking about ourselves that we launched our Get to Know Your Customer Campaign! Tempo is a community and we want to know all our lovely customers! It was so fun reading your unique bubble tea flavours! 🤗 Some were…interesting but we’ve definitely written down a few for future purposes! 

There was tiramisu, chocolate peanut butter, s’mores, banoffee and cheesecake flavour - we can tell you guys have a sweet tooth! 🍭 Thank you again for all your sweet messages about our staff and your experiences with us - WE LOVE YOU TOO! ❤️

To all the students - study hard and wish you all the best with exams (been through it, I understand your pain 😅) And to everyone else, stay healthy - holidays will be here before you know it! 🥰

May Gem's Birthday
This month we celebrated a very special person's birthday! Our founder May Gem
Happy Birthday to our awesome and amazing leader! Can’t believe you turned…21! (Will that get me a raise?) 😌
Thanks everyone! See you next month with more news... 💜


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