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Chinese New Year!

    年    快    乐
Xīn nián kuài  lè!
Happy New Year to all our Chinese customers!
It's finally year of the pig; let's celebrate..
We've got a brand new drink for all our customers to try based on our travels to Asia that we're excited to release. 

The Tiger Stripe Milk Tea is iconic for the brown sugar syrup down the sides of our cups, filled with milk (vegan options available) and shaken by you, a classic malty sweet taste that is irresistible and perfect topped with Tapioca Pearls. 

Once again we're handing out our 'red envelopes' for the New Year; a Chinese tradition to pass on Good Luck; which we want to share with you!
You'll get a red envelope with every purchase; will you get a free upgrade, free fortune cookie, or free tea!? It's all down to luck. 
If you want to receive exclusive offers from us pop on over to and type 'OFFER' for discounts!
See you then! 
Love Tempo