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🥳 Celebrating Zero Waste Week 🥳

🥳  Celebrating Zero Waste Week 🥳 

I'm sure you'll know by now that Tempo is focussing on ways to reduce ours and our customers' use of plastic. This week we have offers both in-store and online to celebrate this week 🥳.

Instore: For every reusable brought in to get your drink made in you'll get not 50p off but £1!! Think of all the savings!  

Online: 20% OFF our Conscious range which includes our reusable drinkware, eco-friendly bubble tea kits, and other fun goodies!  If you spend over £30 then you'll receive 5 tea tubes worth £10 for FREE

Use code 'ZEROWASTE20' at checkout to get 20% off the conscious range 



Orders over £30 will receive these tea tubes!

Tempo has done the following so far to reduce our waste:

♻️  Introduce a reusable drinkware range
♻️  Introduce reusable straws
♻️  Encourage customers to bring in their own reusable & save money whilst doing so
♻️  Reduce the sizes of plastic cups available to reduce our plastic cup offerings.

Our goal would be for the majority of our drinks to be served in reusables and not plastic cups 😀