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August Highlights

Hello Tempo Tribe!

Hey Tempo Tribe, Sophie here!

You may not know me (yet!) but I have been lurking in the background of Tempo's TikToks and Instagram as of late. I've been having great fun behind the scenes creating content and pestering the guys to feature in our TikToks!

So, without further ado... Welcome to my first ever newsletter (that's had a bit of a revamp, I hope you like the new vibes!) for the month of August! As always, we have been VERY busy bees here at Tempo. Let's get into it!


Our New Store!

Word on Queen street is... we have found a new home for Tempo! It is located at 51 Queen St, Glasgow G1 3EN. Our team have been grafting hard to get it in tip top Tempo shape. There's been a hell of a lot of paint involved... those colours were not a bit us!

We have been at 83 Queen Street for the last ten years, so leaving her is a little bittersweet! We have made so many memories there, good and bad! Thousands of bubble teas were made, two break ins (eek!), and a whole lot of laughs!

We are giving our first 100 bubble teas away for free! Don’t fret if you can’t get down early, we offer 50% off for the rest of the day.

Save the date: September 08, 2023

New Popping Boba Bottles

How darling are our new baby boba bottles! Many of our customers were asking for smaller cups and bottles, so we are trialling our minis in store now! These are perfect for the kids and can be reused, we love a sustainable queen.

We have three flavours available: Blue Blast, Pink Punch and Red Reviver.

Badminton Night

We love a bit of healthy competition here at Tempo, so once again we organised a little Badminton tournament. We had a few new kids on the court, but they soon got the hang of it! Our wee Sophie (I'm big Sophie) was serving in her pink fit, but her serve on the other hand... we are working on it!

Birthday Boys

There's some Virgos in this house... This month we celebrated our birthday boys, Jack and Wynter! Now you may be wondering, why on earth is Wynter holding some juicy chicken breasts? Well, this was actually his "cake". He is dedicated to this chicken and rice diet, abs apending! Megan performed a rather interesting rap for the boys, it went a little something like "Wynter... chicken..." Its a work in progress.





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