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August Highlights


Welcome all to Tempo’s August Newsletter! This month has been a strange one weather wise but I hope you all enjoyed the 10 minutes of summer we got! 

Can Bubble Tea Launch

We’ve launched a new drink flavour this month! Mango Lassi is a mix of mango and vanilla milk tea with peach popping boba! Available for a limited time so make sure to grab one before it goes! 

Now I am the pickiest person in the world but this drink is actually really delicious so please give it a try! 😛 Watch how I make it on our Tiktok!😛


New Can Flavours

Did you know we deliver Bubble Tea straight to your door!? Well now you do and we have 3 *NEW* flavours and a mixed option available! 

🍓 Strawberry with mango
🍑 Peach with strawberry
🥭 Mango passion with green apple

Our Bubble Tea Cans can be taken with you wherever you go, to the beach, on a hike or to a picnic. The opportunities are endless and now you don't need to worry about it bursting in your bag! They last up to 3 weeks in the fridge, are boosted with vitamin C and have reduced sugar!

Click here to check out our cans!


Animanga Pop

Honestly, I get deja vu writing about these conventions every month. Animanga Pop! 💻

We created a new drink for the occasion. A pink peach fruit tea with a mix of strawberry and peach popping juice balls! 🍑 We asked you guys to name this tea and the winner was…Naru-tea! Named after the show Naruto (obvs). Naruto tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who seeks recognition from his peers and dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village…much like my own Tempo origin story. 🥸

You won't be surprised to hear this but this month, we will be attending ACME Comic Con and would like you to name our drink (yes again!) 

Visit our Instagram to join in the fun! 🤩 


Team Meeting

This month we hosted a team meeting with all our shop crew and fulfilment centre crew! We organised a potluck for everyone to take part in and can I just say that I am still full! There were cakes, pastas, dumplings, a lovely chicken and pesto thingAnnie’s mum made macaroni and cheese which was absolutely delicious and a total hit. I may be biassed though as I am Annie… 🙃

There were also some quizzes to get to know each other better. A love language quiz was one of them. 💕 This would help us learn how to give praise and feedback to each other.

The other quiz was hosted by myself (Annie). Everyone came up with their own team namesall of which were a mashup of myself and Joey’s names. 👀 For those of you that don’t know, I am in love with Joey. You may see me in the shop following her everywhere or Joey trying to hug me when I’m handling hot liquids. 🔥 Anyway, I asked everyone to send me:

- Favourite band/singer
- Meaningful object
- Favourite memory
- Current celebrity crush
- A baby pic

Then we guessed which profile belonged to which team member! It turned out to be very easy actuallyupon reflection I will be more ruthless with the questions next time. 😈

Overall though it was a lovely night! There was even some free Tempo merch handed out at the end (can't say no to freebies) 😉


KJ started + Shop Recruiting

We once again have a new team member, KJ! You may have seen Kj in some of our most recent TikToksgiving the performance of a lifetime! 🤩 KJ will be at our fulfilment centre most of the time but if you happen to be at the shop on a Thursday between the hours of 1 and 5 then you may catch him dropping off stock! So please say hi! He is very nice. 😛 Welcome KJ

We are also looking for someone to work weekdays in our Queen Street store. If you have amazing customer service, enjoy working in a team, thrive in a fast-paced environment, and can handle being on your feet for long periods then you should JOIN OUR TEAM 💜

To apply, please send your CV, your availability and a cover letter on why you'd be the perfect candidate to join our team. Send it over to 🥳


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