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April Highlights

Happy April everyone! Did you enjoy our (not so) April fools joke? Yes we are leaving 83 Queen Street but hopefully we can find a new place soon which will be even better and cooler. If you would like to help us find a new home then we have a crowdfunder which you can donate to. We want to keep making bubble tea forever so we would deeply appreciate any help you can give. Now for a recap of the month!👇

*NEW* Bubble Tea Party Pack (serves 15)

We have launched our new Party Pack, the perfect addition to any gathering. This pack serves up to 15 people, and includes everything you need to create the perfect bubble tea experience.🎉 This pack includes 5 tea concentrates and 5 popping boba flavours to add a burst of flavour to your drink.🍹 To make your party even easier to plan, we have included 15 clear bubble tea cans and bamboo straws that are perfect for serving your drinks and with our easy-to-follow guide on how to make your bubble tea, you can be sure that your drinks will turn out perfectly every time. Plus, with summer just right around the corner, you can make some refreshing drinks with friends! Picnic vibes for sure!🌻

Deecon and Raicon 

This month our founders spent a couple of days at Deecon and Raicon!🤩 We asked our customers to create some new drinks that would be a perfect fit for the occasion. So kinda geeky inspired?🤓 They came up with Vulpix and Piplup, two very cute pokemon! Vulpix is personally my favourite Pokemon. Also I thought it was called Eevee so I’m glad I have finally been corrected and can stop looking like a Pokemon fraud! I had my own little geeky experience by seeing Suzume in the cinema whilst my bosses were hard at work.🚪 I would highly recommend this film for anyone considering seeing it. Also I went all by myself! So I’d like to congratulate myself for not being too anxious and to the two people who picked seats right next to me, I would like to ask, what’s your problem?🤨

Chinese Handkerchief Dance

We had a visitor at our community space this month. Our team got together to learn some traditional Chinese handkerchief dancing!💃 Our teacher was a wonderful woman named…Annie. I pause there because my name is also Annie.😄 Dance teacher Annie enjoyed referring to herself in the third person so you can imagine how interesting that experience was. Chinese handkerchief dancing is an incredible artistry to master so we are grateful to have had such a great and patient teacher.👩‍🏫

Badminton & Easter Egg Hunt

The team also got together for our monthly badminton session!🏸 Not only did we get a great workout, but we also had a blast competing against each other. However, there was one person which everyone feared playing against... and that was our boss May Gem. She would make her opponents run from one side of the court to the other. Now we know exactly what to do next time!😎

Speaking of fun, we also held an Easter egg hunt at our community space for both shop and fulfillment staff, and it was a huge success!🤩 Although some of us, myself included, didn't have the best luck in finding those hidden eggs,🥚 Joey, Juliana and Oliwia each found a golden egg worth £10 each! Congratulations everyone!🎉

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from our team next month!!✨


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