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April Highlights

Hello again! Where to begin with April? There is just so much to talk about! This month was truly one of our busiest. So let's just jump right in!  🎉

April Fools Day

Happy April fools day! Some of you may have seen our prank post made by Joey and Annie. We would like to issue a formal apology to the many (and we do mean many) people that messaged to ask if the giant bubble tea was real. 😅 We are sincerely sorry for tricking you and getting your hopes up. We hope to do better in the future. Actually not really! Honestly, Joey and Annie have been laughing evilly ever since 😈


Calling all geeks and nerds! 🥸 This month we attended Deecon! The owners May Gem and Jerrica were in attendance to hand out bubble teas. In preparation, 450 drinks were made! Working after hours in our Queen Street store, our fearless leaders managed to complete the order in a matter of days! 🙌

Who would have believed it but 450 drinks was too little!! We sold out completely! 😍 Thank you to everyone who came and visited our stall at Deecon. It was an incredible experience! 😊

Easter Egg Hunt

On to the main event! This month we held an Easter Egg Hunt for the team 🥰

We may be all about spreading kindness and wellness but as we all know, there are no rules during an Easter egg hunt. It was truly a fight for survival! It could only be compared to the beginning of the Hunger Games when the countdown began. As soon as May Gem said ‘GO’ the carnage began 🏃‍♂️💨

I’ll be the first to admit that I (Annie) may have taken it a little too seriously. Despite being a literal adult. I knew it was time to calm down when I bashed my head on a wall whilst trying to reach for an egg. 😵

In the end Joey was the winner! Joey is around 5 inches tall so was at an advantage in both stealth and dexterity 🐣 Speeding in and out of each room without being seen. Well done Joey!

**Although I would like to point out that she tried to coerce me (Annieinto cheating before the game began. 😒 So I dunno if she should be penalised for that and maybe I should get all the prizes....just a thought...Nonetheless a worthy winner!** 🏆

Vita Student Halls Order 1000 Cans

We also had a very large order in from Vita Halls1000 mini cans to be delivered to 20 different locations around the UK. With a bit of hard work and some insane organisation from Jerrica and the rest of the fulfilment team, this order went through without any hiccups! Well done guys! 👏

We’ve also recently moved all our external orders to our fulfilment centre so you will sadly no longer see shop staff frantically making 50 drinks all at once. I’m sure it’s entertaining to watch, however it is very difficult and only the most skilled can do it. The most skilled (Annie (me)) is not in all the time sadly 😏 

We just want to give a quick shout out to our youngest shop staffArianna for being accepted into Universityof Glasgow! 🥳
Well done! You’ll do amazing! 🙌 

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