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December Highlights

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and got loads of presents.🌳 Anyone got any New Year resolutions?

Christmas Gift Appeal

If you are a frequent visitor of our Queen Street store then you may have seen a very large box residing on our shop floor. As the month went on this box became filled more and more with presents. 🎁

Glasgow’s Golden Generation is Glasgow’s charity for older adults and was initially established in 1948 as the Glasgow Old People’s Welfare Association. 🧓🏻 It was recognised that there was a need to tackle loneliness which impacted the lives of many older adults. To the present day, this remains central to the charity’s work.

We asked our customers to donate anything they could to help out. Whether that was hats, scarves, shampoo, crisps, biscuits or toothpaste. 🧼 Anything and everything was welcomed! In total, we surpassed our target of 150 donations and received over 220 items to donate to those in need! 🎁

Thank you to all who donated and helped out. Your kindness is greatly appreciated. 💖

Christmas Card Competition

We asked all you lovely people to get your creative juices flowing and design a Christmas card! We had a load of entries this time around and honestly I didn’t think you would be able to top last year but you all really did! 😳

Congratulations again to our winners @_mollie_146 and @lavuloanaAlso, a huge congrats to all the entries this year! 🏆

Huge Shipment

This month we also had a huge shipment of stock! Filled with bottles, cans, boba, maybe some cups. You may be thinking ‘hmmm quite vague and non descriptive…’ and you would be right! I unfortunately was not there for the shipment so I asked my favourite colleague, Joey about it and she kinda half answered whilst looking at emails. 😒 I pressed on though! Demanding more information because I knew the people would want to know but Joey just wouldn’t budge. She wasn’t going to give me anything. It was going to be a long night of interrogation but I wasn’t gonna back down. 😤 This information could change everything! Then, right as I came up with a new tactic she disappeared without a trace (went to the toilet). 🏃‍♀️

Megan's Birthday

It was Megan’s birthday! 🎉 Who’s Megan you may ask?! How could you not know!? Megan is one of our lovely team members that works in our fulfilment centre. Also, fun fact, she used to work in our Queen Street store back in the day! We had some yummy cake and Megan was given gifts from the Tempo bosses! 🎂 Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Megan!



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