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Mind Body Future Tube Resistance Bands | Home Fitness Equipment

What's included

Full package includes; complete guide, tube resistance bands x 5, soft cushioned handles x 2, ankle straps x 2, door anchor x 1, waterproof nylon bag x 1, instruction booklet x 1


  • ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE WITH 5 BANDS - Each of the 5 resistance bands is colour-coded so that you can easily identify it. (Each band is also labelled with the equivalent weight for your convenience.) Different colours represent different resistance levels ranging from 10LB up to 30LB. Use each resistance band alone or in combination according to your needs. The total resistance levels range from 10 lbs to 100 lbs!
  • HIGH QUALITY EQUIPMENT - Durable, highly elastic thickened latex tubes & super comfortable grip with reinforced buckles, making it safe to use.  
  • VERSATILE - Train your strength & flexibility - this training equipment can workout every single muscle such as arms, legs, chest, shoulders, abs, back & bum!  
  • EASY TO USE AT HOME, TRAVEL OR AT GYM - With its well designed anchoring options and secure adjustable latching, this fitness training kits is adapted to many workout environments such as home, office, gym, hotel room, park or anywhere outdoor, inspiring you to do more exercises and get fit!  The compact and convenient bag allows you to easily transport the set to wherever you are training. 

More info

 If you're new, don't worry, we've included a complete guide on how to set up your equipment with some basic exercises to get you started on your fitness journey!  This equipment is for male or female, professional athlete or beginner. You can use the set for yoga, warming up before exercising, strength training or physical therapy rehabilitation. 

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