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Christmas Bubble Tea Bauble Bundle | Popping Boba & Shimmer Syrup | PRE-ORDERS ONLY 🎄


Pre-order sale will end at midnight on 31/10/21 and all items purchased along with pre-orders will be sent W/C 15/11/21!

Save over 20% (RRP £15.80) when you pre-order before 31/10/21! 💌 

🎄 FUN & UNIQUE GIFT/DECORATION | Ideal gift for either a secret Santa, loved one or just for yourself! Each bauble comes with a ribbon so it can make a perfect Christmas tree decoration. The product comes with instruction leaflet and a box filled with a wood wool natural bale.
🎄 REUSE & REFILL | Once used, it can simply be washed in warm water & dried thoroughly and refilled with either sweets, alcohol, juice, glitter or other decorations! It's a gift that keeps on giving!
🎄 EASY TO SERVE | Each bauble holds 1 serving making it ready to pour out and use! All our syrups are packed with antioxidants, reduced in sugar & supplemented with vitamin c, meaning you get all the health benefits in the one drink!
🎄 VEGAN, VEGETARIAN & GLUTEN FREE | Both syrup & popping juice balls are vegan, vegetarian & gluten-free. The coating of the juice balls is made from a seaweed extract making them allergen-free!
🎄 GIFT SET | The bundle consists of 4 baubles, 2 popping boba (strawberry and green apple) and 2 shimmer syrup (white peach and strawberry). Mix & match flavours to make your own fruit bubble tea at Christmas!

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