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Syrup Refill Bottle | Make Your Own Bubble Tea (Fruit) | Serves 3

  • FUN AND EASY TO USE: Each bottle (150ml) comes with an instruction booklet to guide you in the right direction!  The syrups are premixed and ready-to-use meaning you’ll get a delicious tasting tea from each serving! Great for parties, baby showers, birthdays, unique gift or fun night in! 
  • REDUCED SUGAR, BOOSTED WITH VITAMIN C & PACKED WITH ANTIOXIDANTS: All our syrups are boosted with vitamin c and reduced in sugar using the natural sweetness of stevia to keep the taste.  Sugar-Free option available also!
  • USE IN JUICES, ICE-CREAM, COCKTAILS & MOCKTAILS: Each syrup has its own unique flavour and is perfect to use in juices, smoothies, desserts or to flavour your cocktails & mocktails! Each bottle has 3 servings so whether you wish to use it all up in one sitting or keep for another day, you can keep it closed tight which will allow the ingredients to stay fresh for longer!
  • HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS:  All the ingredients have been carefully sourced and quality checked to ensure each kit is up to the highest quality.  All our syrups have been uniquely customised to add all the extra health benefits in one serving.
  • VEGAN, VEGETARIAN & GLUTEN FREE:  This is a safe alternative for our vegan & vegetarian customers as it doesn't contain animal products.  It is also gluten free and halal. 
  • Want boba to add to your teas?  Take a look at our full list of flavours here.
Please note our Melon syrup contains taurine and caffeine (51mg per 50ml serving) 

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