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Natural Jasmine Soap Scrub

3 Ingredient Natural Soap Bar!

Our teas are made freshly every day, promising authentic flavour in every Boba tea. We want to do right with our waste, so we've been using our jasmine tea leaves to create soaps! 

Jasmine tea is known when applied to skin to rejuvenate; as it's filled with vitamins, minerals and caffeine - It's a natural antioxidant

As we are trying to be more conscious about our product waste, we decided to dehydrate the used leftover tea leaves to create this powerful little bar! This way the leaves have been able to re-brew into our soaps, saving all the natural benefits of tea!

We only use 3 ingredients in the making of our soaps - jasmine tea leaves, jasmine essential oil & a natural soap base.  This makes it safe for all types of skin!

How to use:

Once in water, gently rub this over your skin if you're feeling up for exfoliating - this will reduce any puffiness on the skin. Alternatively, lather in your hands to collect the soap-tea goodness and wash as normal! 

We're so proud of this wee treat - and are looking to create a range of up-cycled goodies for you. 

Stay tuned! 


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