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Ultimate Popping Juice Ball Party Bundle | 6 Tubs | 30 Servings


 ✔️Gluten Free ✔️Vegetarian ✔️ Vegan friendly

Pop! Pop! Pop!
Add our yummy ready-to-eat bursting Tempo fruity juice bubbles to your favourite drinks or dessert for an extra juicy kick! Popping boba has juice in them and will pop with a juicy fruity flavour in your mouth.  The coating is made from a seaweed extract making them save for vegans and vegetarians!

More Info

Please keep your popping boba refrigerated with the liquid.  Once opened it should be consumed within 2 weeks.

Each tub contains 5 servings, net weight 230g.

Please note: All popping boba is ready-to-use and does not need to be cooked. 


A few wee tips…

  • Serve your boba with juice, desserts or have it on its own!
  • They can be added to alcoholic drinks, mocktails and cordial drinks to add a little extra flavour
  • The boba won’t dissolve in hot liquids so you can enjoy it in a warm cup of tea as well
  • Want it cold?  Why not freeze the popping juice boba by itself without the liquid & eat it like little flavoured ice spheres!
  • Pop some in your jellies when they're setting to make a fun dessert!

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