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Day & Night Wellness Tea Bundle | Loose Leaf Tea Set


Save over 20% and support your body & mind with this ultimate loose leaf tea wellness trio. Packed with antioxidants, bioactive compounds and plant- nutrients, these super-blends offer unique benefits to help you feel your best throughout the day. 

Choose to add a metal ball tea strainer or double-walled bamboo infuser to save up even more and create the perfect combo!


What's included:

  • Get ready with a Jumpstart Tea. 

Kickstart your day with the boosting blend of toasted Yerba mate and black tea with a dash of warming cinnamon and cocoa nibs. Add a cup of this invigorating tea to your morning ritual to get that caffeine kick without the jitters!  

  • Balance out with a Happy Belly Tea  

This blend of Pu-Erh and ginger root combined with soothing Senna leaf and the natural sweetness of anise and liquorice will help you balance out your body by gently boosting metabolism and keeping your gut healthy and happy! Perfect after lunch to stop that "midday energy dip".

  • Wind down with our Sleepy Tea 

Take a sip and unwind with a warm cup of this aromatic blend of Valerian root with smooth flavours of chamomile, spearmint, and lavender. This naturally caffeine-free tea can help with reducing anxiety, stress and insomnia being a perfect addition to your bedtime routine.  


More Info:

🍃 We recommend using one teaspoon of tea leaves per person and pour boiling water into the teacup first and then into a teapot or infuser – this way the measurements will be exact for your brew.

🍃 Once the tea is brewed, make sure all liquid is poured out so the leaves won’t stew and become bitter. You can even use the leaves for a second or third infusion!

🍃 Remember, leaf teas need a little longer to infuse than teabags.  A tea leaf has so much to offer & takes its time to taste just right!

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