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  1. What is bubble tea?Bubble tea is a type of flavoured tea available either milky or fruity with tasty ‘toppings’ all sucked up through a fat straw. Check out our About Us page for more info.
  2. What are tapioca boba?Tapioca boba come from the cassava root starch, brown sugar and caramel; they have a chewy gummy bear texture.
  3. What are jellies made from?They are made from agar jelly (green tea jelly), coconut (strawberry jelly) and aloe vera (aloe vera jelly, surprisingly).
  4. What are popping boba?
    Popping boba look like tapioca boba but instead have juice in them and will pop in your mouth. They are really tasty and a great alternative to tapioca or jellies, and are veggie friendly.
  5. Do I need to get boba in my bubble tea?It is entirely up to you if you want to have toppings in your drink, you are in charge of creating your masterpiece, and we simply compose them for you.
  6. Are boba and jellies suitable for vegetarian/vegans? Almost everything in our bubble tea is suitable for vegetarians and vegans, just ask the person on the till and they’ll help ya out!
  7. What is the difference between green, and black tea? Both come from the same plant but go through different processing. The big difference is black tea has more caffeine. Check out our About Us page for more info on the different processes for each type of tea.