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Featured Musician – Alburn

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Alburn exhibit an ability to write technically impressive songs but with the added bonus of addictive hooks and memorable choruses which mark the band out as ones to watch in the future.

Despite emerging out of Perth and Glasgow, post-hardcore four-piece Alburn share more in common with stateside veterans such as Brand New and Crime In Stereo.


1. Tell us about how you started as a musician.

Well Pete and Gee had been using the name Alburn to write songs under for a few years and then Danny got involved and brought Chris with him shortly after. We all used to play in bands prior to Alburn so it’s a bit different to the whole growing up together and playing in high school thing.


2. Describe your music in 5 words.

Angry, honest, provoked, perceptive and loud.


3. Why do you think Glasgow has such a great music scene?

I think most of Glasgow’s musicians are honest writers who do it for the love of music and they put a lot of depth into what they do. Everyone knows each other in their respective scenes and they help each other out and do things together, like a little community, which I don’t think you get anywhere else.


4. What other local bands should we listen out for?

Halo.Tora, Mountains Under Oceans (yes I do want a straw with that) and WeCameFromWolves.


5. Lastly, what is your perfect Bubble Tea?

I had a cold milky vanilla and banana with apple bubbles which was fantastic.